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Project Management

o   Small to Large Projects

o   Supervise and coordinate equipment installation projects (mechanical and electrical contractors)

o   Using tools that include Gant charts, PERT Charts, Critical Chain Project Management (CCPM) / Theory of Constrains (TOC)   

Statistical Process Evaluation

o   Using Design of Experiments (DOE)

o   Evaluation of Current State and Future State after process changes

o   Data driven process using LEAN tools with a focus on waste reduction

Equipment Reliability and Preventative Maintenance Projects

o   Implementation and setup of Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS)

o   Develop predictive and preventative maintenance systems that focus on standard work and visual systems to reduce PM internal time

Equipment / Process Commissioning and Startup

o   Inspection of mechanical and electrical systems prior to startup

o   Verify proper function of mechanical and electrical systems

o   Provide process capability after equipment commissioning

Mechanical Layouts and Designs

o   3D and 2D design

o   Develop equipment improvements and retrofits

o   Facility equipment and infrastructure layout and documentation

o   Provide or coordinate mechanical build services

 Electrical Control Systems Design and Build

o   Evaluate current condition of equipment and provide recommendations to upgrade existing equipment

o   Expertise to a design, build, install, and commission replacement control systems

Resource Conservation Projects

o   Energy usage reduction – Power factor correction, power distribution, cooling and compressed air systems

o   Water usage reduction –chemical treatment, filtrations, pumps, and cooling systems